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Guaranteed SEO services in Surat. We place your business in front of the right consumers that are higher chances to convert

How We Work

Keyword Analysis

We analyze the keywords that actually bring your business through organic results

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis plays a vital role to know how your competitors attracts visitors

Website Growth

When the blueprint ready, we implement our strategies to outrank your competitors


We know that SEO isn’t a short-term success, You have to be patient while working with any SEO company as it takes time to get outcomes. We believe in transparency. Therefore, We are dedicated to building a better business experience for our clients and make sure that their experience with us helps them to understand their business better and help them to grow. We believe in commitment, passion and value creation. Fox Maya is the fastest growing SEO company in Surat. We know how it’s achievable to get better ranking in search engines

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Why should you focus on SEO rather than paid advertising

It helps you to rank your website​

Research shows that approximately 85% of all the websites are found via search engines

46% of all Google searches are local.

Consumers search for businesses online before visiting the store.

It improves your website overall authority

SEO increases the authority of your website so that your internal pages also get help in ranking.

SEO Services
Your Website Need a Proper Optimization to Stand Out in SERP

Keywords are those words that are most frequently searched by the customers. They help you establish a strong market hold among your competitors. We help you get those keywords which relate to your business model and the need of the customer.

Competition analysis plays a crucial role in any business organization. That’s why everyone needs to analyze their competitors to gain an upper hand in the market. We make an industry-wise analysis for our clients and understand how their competitors are getting traffic on their website

On-Page optimization is the second majorly a part of SEO, we ensure that your website optimizes perfectly & load fast. We fix all technical issues and perform all on-page techniques that are important for every website

Link building is a crucial ranking factor that directly impacts on your ranking, higher the backlinks from a trusted and relevant source always improve your website’s ranking in the search engine. It also improves your website authority, we analyze your competitor’s links and find more resources which is relevant to your niche.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

As the usage of the internet is growing day by day, most of the small-scale businesses are moving towards online platforms to promote their businesses. and through SEO you can get organic traffic to your website. The most prominent benefit of digital marketing is that you can target your potential customers easily who are interested in your product and services. Even you get the actual metrics where your audiences are engaging. This data will help you to market your product and service efficiently. you won’t get all these benefits through offline marketing.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process that optimize your website in such a way that it helps you to get a high rank on major search engines like Google & Bing. The top position always gives you better leads & better conversion, and that’s all users want it.

Search Engine completely depends on search algorithms, it involves up to 200 ranking factors, Google always updates its algorithm from time to time so it can give better results to its users. SEO expert understands these algorithms and ranking factors and optimizes your website appropriately. Therefore, SEO works to improve your website according to ranking factors such as meta tags, keywords, content placement, backlinks and much more.

Of course. If it is done in an organic way. It improves your domain authority so that your website can stand out well in SERP(search engine results page). Once you get a better ranking for your website, there are more cases of inquiries come on your website & eventually generate more sales & revenue.

Organic SEO services mean a process that helps you to get a better rank for your business website without any ongoing fees being paid to any search engine.

Honestly, it takes between 3 to 6 months This is an estimate, this time may also be more if your competition is too high. Yes, we know it’s a long process because every change takes time to be reflected on google. It is not possible to create too many backlinks in just a few days, and even if we do, Google will consider it spam. And it is not possible that Google will index all your backlinks in a short time because this process takes time, And Google rarely places a new website in the top position.

There are many things to cover in SEO services like – keyword researching, competitor analysis, content optimization, website loading time, meta tags improvements, create robots.txt file, sitemap submission, search console & google analytics setup, local seo improvements, website promotion and more.

Yes, we use white hat technique. if you don’t have any idea what white hat technique is? it’s a process which promote website in a legal and authentic way. and it’s also recommended by google.