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3 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Marketing the best way to earn money online, through your blog or your social media. And Amazon, the biggest E-Commerce website, has its own affiliate program.

Anyone can join it very easily and start earning by selling the products offered by Amazon Affiliates.

If you have a blog on WordPress then it is easier for you to set up the amazon affiliates account and manage the advertisements right from your WordPress dashboard.

There are several plugins in the market for doing this job but today in this article we are going to have a look at the best amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress.

But let us learn a little bit about Amazon Affiliates first.

Through Amazon Affiliate you can earn upto 12% of the commission.

There are selected products on which amazon is offering affiliate marketing with a great amount of commission.

If you are an audience who loves shopping or if you have a shopping website or blog or if you have a product review blog then Amazon Affiliate is the best option for you.

And as I said WordPress users have a plus point with integrated plugins, let’s have a look at them. Also, learn about other best WordPress plugin

Here are the best 3 Amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

1 – AzonPress affiliate plugin

AzonPress affiliate wordpress plugin

With only a 2-minute installation, better presentation methods and increased conversion strategies, this plugin stands out from every other plugin of this genre.

If you buy any plan for this plugin then you will be offered with:

  • Automatic product updates
  • Easy and flexible customization
  • Automated Comparison and responsive product tables.
  • Sales-oriented features
  • 24/7 Customer support

You will also get additional features like countless affiliation, Geo-targeting, and easy affiliate management. Azon Press is voted as the best user-friendly plugin.

The basic plan starts with almost $39 for one website. You can link as many products as you want, there is no limitation in taking the affiliate links.

2 – AAWP Affiliate Plugin

Aawp affiliate wordpress plugin

AAWP is named under one of the best WordPress plugins for Amazon Affiliates. It consists of several features like:

  • It works independently of your theme.
  • The plugin will automatically create a customized affiliate link with its corresponding tracking id.
  • The plugin is responsive and can work on any device.
  • Already consists of Pre-built templates.
  • The plugin also offers independence of creating completely new templates.
  • With its Geo-Targeting feature, you can shift your amazon referrals to foreign local stores.
  • AAWP will provide shortcodes that can be mixed in your running text.
  • AAWP also implements Google Accelerated Mobile Pages that is AMP.
  • It also provides you with Amazon Prime membership commissions.
  • The plugin is also developer-friendly.
  • Most importantly you will find a well structured Admin Area.

The basic plan costs you almost 23 euros per year for one website. You have to apply for an account on Amazon affiliates and then you have to copy the API from their dashboard and paste it in the plugin. Now, you are ready to go with the plugin.

3 – Woozone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate

Woocommerce amazon affiliate plugin

WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin can be used with an existing woocommerce store or you can start with a completely new set up.

The plugin itself will pull out relevant products from Amazon and showcase them on your site. Now say goodbye to manually adding products from amazon.

Moreover, it will pull all of the product specifications, features, reviews, and images for easy engagement of the audience.

The plugin is integrated with a content spinner, that will avoid any redundancy of content on your site. Some of the highlighted features offered by the plugin are:

  • It works independently of the theme.
  • You can select what price you have to show on the products, the original price, or the customized price.
  • The plugin will give the freedom to your audience to check out from Amazon’s portal or add products directly in their Amazon Cart.
  • You can have both Amazon and WooCommerce products on a single site at the same time.

That’s it, these 3 best amazon affiliate WordPress plugin will make your work easy & productive.

Here are the summary.

Affiliate Plugins Pricing Visit Provider
AAWP €23 (Per year) Get AAWP
AzonePress $39 (One Time) Get Azonepress
WooZone $49 (One time) Get Woozone


Amazon Affiliate and WordPress combined can give you a very good outcome.

With so many loaded features these above-mentioned WordPress plugins offer a high-performance environment.

There are a lot of Amazon affiliate plugins available in the market but among them, These 3 plugins are widely used and most trustworthy.

Now it’s up to you

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly plugin you can go with AAWP or AzonPress plugin both work great, else pick WooZone it’s much more excellent.

Now you can be free from the head aching work of choosing and customizing Amazon Affiliate links. Also, the users will be moved directly to the Amazon original website so it will prove your credibility in front of them.

Earning online via Amazon Affiliates is a very good option. But remember to engage your audience with very interactive content. Or provide a review on a particular product and put down the affiliate link. Choose the option of promo codes, because it converts more leads and generates higher sales.

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