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No need to waste time. I have brought you the best amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that will grow your sales and save tons of time.

You know, there are multiple ways to earn money online, and affiliate marketing is one of them.


It can give you a high passive income so that you can live your dream life, and it’s easy to start.

And Amazon, The E-Commerce giant. It offers outstanding commission compared to other e-commerce affiliate programs.

One thing I love about the Amazon affiliate program is that you can easily promote their products in your blog and social media.

Your audiences don’t hesitate to click on your affiliate link because they know this brand very well. That’s the biggest advantage to work on amazon affiliate niche websites.

Creating an amazon affiliate website is not a big deal. If you are promoting Amazon products in a few articles then you can use free plugins for this.


I recommend you to go for paid plugins, If your main income source is an amazon affiliate program, or if you are serious about working on niche websites.

There are several plugins in the market for doing this job but today in this article we are going to have a look at the best amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress.

Let’s see, one-by-one

Top 3 Recommended Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress



Price: €49 (~ $59)

When it comes to promoting amazon’s products in blog posts no one is better than the AAWP plugin. You do not need to update product information manually, it updates automatically. Due to its rich template design, It will raise your click-through rate, and revenues.

Single product boxes

Key features of AAWP Plugin

  • Dynamic text links
  • Automated lists (Bestseller and New Releases)
  • No theme dependency
  • Filtering and ordering of lists
  • Geo-targeting to handle foreign visitors
  • Pre-built templates & styles
  • Automatic data updates
  • Personal tracking ID
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Caching (reduce API requests)
  • Comparison tables
  • Data fields like (price or buy button)
  • Click tracking (Google Analytics, GTM, or Piwik)
  • Google AMP support
  • Amazon prime & Extra commissions
  • Developer friendly

2. AzonPress


Price: $23

AzonPress is developed by WP Manage Ninja, It’s a well-known WordPress development company that has developed popular WordPress plugins WP Fluent Forms, and Ninja Tables.

Its templates are beautifully designed and it’s the most affordable amazon affiliate plugin in the market and backed by trusted developers. It gives you all the features you need to run a successful amazon affiliate niche website.

Azonpress Product Box

Key features of AzonPress Plugin

  • Automated Comparison and responsive product tables.
  • Bestseller Lists
  • Product Tables
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Shortcode-enabled
  • Customizable Layouts (Grid, Box, List, Table, and more)
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Easy & Flexible Customization

3. WooZone


Price: $49

WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin can be used with an existing woocommerce store or you can start with a completely new set up.

The plugin itself will pull out relevant products from Amazon and showcase them on your site. Now say goodbye to manually adding products from amazon.

Moreover, it will pull all of the product specifications, features, reviews, and images for easy engagement of the audience.

The plugin is integrated with a content spinner, that will avoid any redundancy of content on your site.

Key features of Woozone plugin

  • Amazon associates earnings report
  • Import products without any product advertising keys
  • Sync products automatically
  • String Translation
  • Amazon remote images (Amazon’s CDN)
  • Custom badges, over product thumbnail image (New, On Sale, Free Shipping, Amazon Prime)
  • Add products into blog posts through shortcode
  • Amazon products recommendations
  • Automatic content spinner to avoid duplicacy
  • Display amazon products reviews
  • Product availability in different regions

These are the most popular Amazon affiliate plugins that are more popular and used by top bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Best amazon affiliate WordPress plugin without API

Woozone has a feature that allows you to import & sync products without any product advertising keys. Moreover, It will remove products automatically from your website which are no longer available on amazon.

Best amazon affiliate price comparison table plugin

AzonPress and AAWP are the best, Both offer a comparison table which looks clean and are mobile responsive too. Additionally, you can also highlight the specific product which you want to promote.

AzonePress Comparison Table
AAWP Comparison Table

Here are the summary.

Affiliate Plugins Pricing Money-Back Visit Provider
AAWP €49 30 Day Get AAWP
AzonPress $23 14 Day Get AzonPress
WooZone $49 ? Get Woozone


Amazon Affiliate and WordPress combined can give you a very good outcome. With so many loaded features these above-mentioned WordPress plugins offer a high-performance environment.

There are a bunch of Amazon affiliate plugins available in the market but among them, These 3 plugins are widely used and most trustworthy.

In fact, 5 out of 3 amazon affiliate marketers use these plugins to enhance their productivity and affiliate commissions.

Now, choose an affiliate plugin according to your budget and need.

Note: AAWP & AzonPress are good for blogging websites or normal websites, but Woozone is only for store websites, it works with only the woocommerce plugin.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly plugin AzonPress is for you, else, Go for AAWP, It will give you caching support along with a set of designs, filtering, product boxes, and more.

If you are working with woocommerce then choose woozone. It allows you to import products without API, and fetch product information like description, specifications, images, and reviews.

It spins the product’s information. so, you don’t have to create unique content each time. remember wzone isn’t for blogging websites, and It won’t work without the woocommerce plugin.

Now you can be free from the head aching work of choosing and customizing Amazon Affiliate links. Also, the users will be moved directly to the Amazon original website so it will prove your credibility in front of them.

Earning online via Amazon Affiliates is a very good option. But remember to engage your audience with very interactive content. Or provide a review on a particular product and put down the affiliate link. Choose the option of coupon codes, because it converts more leads and generates higher sales.

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