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What are the Benefits of Seo?


Search Engine optimization is the best way to drive quality and relevant traffic in our website.


It's easy to increase your brand visibility in today's time. With us you have an opportunity to focus on online visitor and turn into your customer.


Search engine marketing is less expensive than any other platform like - social media optimization, pay per click Etc

Why should you focus on internet marketing?

As the usage of the internet is increasing day by day, most of the small-scale businesses are moving towards online platform to promote their businesses. by getting search engine optimization for the website you can get the organic traffic. the biggest advantage of Internet marketing is that you can target your potential customer easily there who are interested in your product and services and also can track them by knowing how many users visited your site, their location, social background, their preference extra. this data will help you to market your product and service effectively. you don’t get all these benefits through offline marketing. so if you want your business to grow then get your business online with Fox Maya

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Why We are the Best Seo Company in Surat?

We believe in transparency. we don’t promise anything false. we focus on quality rather than quantity. Our work is to convert your business goals into reality because your business is your identity. To maintain that identity we keep ourself up to date, which ensures that you get better results. That’s why we are the Top notch Seo Services in Surat?.

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Search Engine Marketing

Want to rank your website on google top 10 position and generate more leads. optimize your website according google guidelines and rank your website on google. via paid or organic

Local SEO / GMB

Do you want to get local customers on your store via online and increase your sales. we create local strategy that help you to get local customers on your store

Ecommerce SEO

Are you running E-commerce store and Don't have any visitors on your website, your sales may not be as effective as you like. Don't worry we will help you to increase your online sales volume

Custom WordPress site

If you don't have any website to promote your business then we build WordPress website for you so you can easily showcase your products and services in an effective way

Let’s find out why your website isn’t getting traffic!

What is search engine optimization? How does it work

SEO is the process which helps you to increase relevant and quality traffic on your website. Most of the research shows that the website on the first page of Google receives almost 95% of the clicks. Higher the results generated more CTR (click through rate).

All search engines score on their results largely based upon relevance and authority which has crawled and included on its web index server. Most popular search engine “Google” uses over 200 signals to score the search results. If your website is highly optimized and has a good amount of authority, so chances are more than you can achieve a higher rank on most of the results. Google always provide the best answers to their user’s question, Therefore always focus on user experience and give your user better experience

Google shows two kinds of result. Paid and organic

Paid Results – if you don’t have much time and ready to invest some money, then you can opt to paid service. For that, you can avail the service of Google to do the task for you. By paying Google you can increase your website traffic fast, But there are few conditions for it, first, you have to increase the quality of your Ads and in some case, you have to pay even more than your competitor. The probability of Greater relevance of your ads depends on their CPC score. Let suppose CPC score is 50 then you have to pay 50 rupees for every click. The only draw of it is that the conversion rate of your website is very low. The average conversion rate is around 3.75. If your conversion is below this score then the performance of your ads is not good. conversion is low that means sales are low.


Organic Results – To get organic traffic on your website is not an easy task. For that, you need to optimize your site according to user or Google. SEO results take time to arrive because Google updates its algorithms time to time. Google tries to provide better result to its users which often led to the ban of spam websites on its page. The only drawback of SEO is that it takes time to get you results, and the advantage of organic SEO is that any traffic that website gets you don’t have to pay for it. and it also increases your rank, So if you want to improve authority and increase organic traffic on your website then go with Fox Maya which is located in Surat and improve your ranking with us.

Got a Question?

It depends on the level of competition for the product and services that you are offering in the market. if you are entering in a market where there is high competition then it will more time for your website to be visible in your potential coustmor because seo takes time to get results. minimum time that it takes is six months. higher the level of competition, more time it will take.

Yes, we use white hat technique. if you don’t have any idea what white hat technique is? it’s a process which promote website in a legal and authentic way. and it’s also recommended by google.

If you don’t have any website and you want to promote your business online, don’t worry, fox maya will help you build your own website which is based on wordpress. but you have to pay website and content entails extra charges. tell us about your business we will guide you in getting your business online.

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