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Do you want to design your blog like a professional? Download free elementor blocks today, and entice your audience through custom elementor blocks.

Hello, My name is Ban Sharma and I have been using WordPress for 3 years. I have designed numerous websites using Elementor.

Elementor is my favorite page builder. I have been using Elementor for the past 2 years. Till now, the number of websites I have designed for my clients by using the help of Elementor only.

If you are a novice in Elementor and don’t know how to design your theme, then I would suggest you use their premade templates.

Free Elementor Blocks Designed by Ban Sharma

Today, I’m going to introduce custom Elementor blocks that are purely designed by me. In fact, these blocks are designed especially for bloggers and affiliate marketers. I’m sure you will love these blocks.


Because I’m also a blogger and affiliate marketer. I know very well how important it is to put interactive elements to make a post engaging. Without it, your post will look less effective and the user will not stay on your website for long.

Problems occur especially for beginners, they are initially short of money due to which it’s not possible for them to purchase paid tools.

Being a blogger I understand this problem, that’s why I giving you these blocks for free.

Sometimes it happens that you like the design of someone else’s blog post, and you also want to apply that type of design to your blog post.

In most cases, you can’t create that type of design in WordPress because they are created through coding. In that case, you have to use outdated designs.

Many bloggers use Thrive Architect to design their blog posts, but they are unaware of Elementor’s power. You can design advanced custom blocks, which you won’t find anywhere on the Internet. To create these kinds of designs, you should know how to use the Elementor section properly.

Most probably, you are using an Elementor already, whether it is the free version or pro. However, in order to achieve advanced blocks which are given below, you don’t have to use Elementor pro, you can get it through the free version only.

In case you purchase the pro version, then you will be able to enhance the extensive post layout.

Elementor Pro #1 WordPress Page Builder

If you haven’t use Elementor pro yet, try it today. change the entire layout of your website through Elementor.

Elementor blocks for Bloggers & affiliate marketers

1 – Pros and Cons Elementor Blocks


Whenever you need to add pros and cons in your post, you download a separate plugin or you add unpleasant pros and cons. But I have specially designed 3 blocks which will of course make your post view striking.

Block 1 and 3 are designed quite simple, but block 2 is amazing. I personally like block 2 design and hope you like it too. If you’re working on an amazon affiliate niche website then these blocks are very beneficial for you.

2 – Web Hosting & Deals Elementor Blocks


If you are a blogger, then you might have joined a hosting affiliate program. Well, I have designed 3 web hosting blocks. If you are writing web hosting deals or hosting comparison posts then you can use these blocks.

It will make your post look like a professional website too without using coding or premium plugin.

3 – Amazon Affiliate Product Showcase Blocks


Bloggers all around the globe are connected with the Amazon affiliate program and work on micro-niche websites. Here, you need to showcase the product prominently.

Many plugins are available in the market, which fetches the data from amazon and showcases products in a better way, but for that, you have to purchase the plugins. Find here the best amazon affiliate plugin to make your task easier.

In case, you are a beginner in this field and you do not have money to invest, then you can use the given blocks to showcase your products, and of course, these blocks are responsive in nature.

How to Implement Elementor Blocks In Your Post – Step by Step Guide

Step#1 Firstly, you will have to download the given below Elementor blocks which will be in .zip file.

Step#2 Download Elementor, ignore if you have already installed. Now go to your dashboard and click on the templates.

Step#3 Now, click on import templates.

Step#4 You have to import the downloaded blocks now.

Step#5 After Importing, you will be able to see all the blocks along with names in the saved templates.

Step#6 Now click on “add new” post and select “Elementor full width” in the post attribute. You can do this accordingly. Your main motive is to design the post through Elementor.

Step#7 Now, after opening the Elementor editor, click on “add template” then go to “my template” option. Here you will get all the blocks which you have saved till now and accordingly, you can insert the block into your post.

Step#8 Just change the content and image and your section is ready.

Download Elementor Blocks files below

Final Words:

I hope you liked these blocks. I will update more blocks in this post. Keep in touch with me and join our newsletter. As soon as fresh blocks related to affiliate marketing and blogging gets ready, I will notify you.

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know in the comments.

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